German Language Courses

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German Language Courses

Why Learn German with Language Must?
Do you want to apply with a German company or for a research fellowship in Germany? Do you want to learn about the language and culture of one of the world’s biggest economies? No matter what your motivation, German offers exciting opportunities! Enrolling in one of our German language courses is not only easier on your wallet, but, as many of our students will tell you, also the most fun way to learn German.

Benefits of Learning German with Language Must:

    • Native speaker teachers from Germany
    • Small groups of 4-8 students
    • Learning Guarantee for the Goethe Exam

German Intensive Courses:

    • A1 Level – 1 Month (66 Hours), Rs. 15,900
    • A2 Level – 5 Weeks (75 Hours), Rs. 18,900
    • B1 Level – 5 Weeks (75 Hours), Rs. 18,900
    • Timings: Monday – Friday, 10 am – 1 pm OR 3 – 6 pm

German Weekend Courses:

    • A1 Level – 9 Weeks  (63 Hours), Rs. 15,900
    • A2 Level – 10 Weeks (70 Hours), Rs. 18,900
    • B1 Level – 10 Weeks (70 Hours), Rs. 18,900
    • Timings: Saturday – Sunday, 10 am – 1:30 pm OR 2:30 – 6 pm

German Evening Courses:

    • A1 Level – 8 Weeks  (60 Hours), Rs. 15,900
    • A2 Level – 10 Weeks (75 Hours), Rs. 18,900
    • B1 Level – 10 Weeks (75 Hours), Rs. 18,900
    • Timings: On three evenings each week; 6:30 – 9 pm

Discounts on German Language Packages: 

    • Get Rs. 3,000 off by making a A1 & A2 combo booking when you first join
    • Get Rs. 2,000 off by joining the next available A2 course upon completing any A1 course with us
    • Get the course materials worth Rs. 800 free by joining the A2 course within 3 months of completing any A1 course with us

German Language Certificate (Goethe Exam)
Many of our students want to have an officially recognised German language certificate in order to apply for a visa or for a seat in a German university. The go-to place in India is the Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan) which offers the exams for all levels: Start Deutsch 1 (A1 level), Start Deutsch 2/Goethe-Zertifikat A2 (A2 level), Goethe-Zertifikat B1, etc.

Upcoming Goethe Exams in Delhi are announced here (contact details).

Find contact details of Goethe Institutes / MMBs in India here to inquire about upcoming exams.

While our courses are based on the curriculum of Max Mueller Bhavan (we work with the same course book, Netzwerk A1-B1; Aspekte 1+2 for B2.1/B2.2, resp.), with our specially designed German Intensive Courses you will complete each level within 4/5 weeks.

We provide each student in A1, A2, B1 level courses with a complimentary Exam Preparation booklet!

Learning Guarantee
At Language Must, we pay keen attention to the progress of each of our students. Our German A1/A2 Intensive and Weekend Courses will take you through the first levels of the language at a brisk pace and our experienced teachers from Germany will make sure that your learning goals are met. Our courses prepare you for the Goethe Exams by focusing on oral and written communication as well as listening and reading comprehension, while teaching you the grammar in an applied and easy-to-understand style.

Our specially adapted teaching methodology has produced consistent results. We are confident that by completing our German A1/A2 courses, you will succeed at the Goethe Exam. If not, we will offer you the next available course for free (ask us about the simple and straight-forward terms). Promised!

We offer free exam preparation sessions ahead of Goethe exams!

Levels of Language Learning (CEFR Levels)
At the initial levels A1 & A2, you will learn functional communication skills such as how to introduce yourself, ask for directions, go shopping, fill in registration forms, send basic emails, make appointments and so on. If your time before going to Germany is extremely limited, the A1 level course will provide you with the survival skills you’ll find invaluable once you are in the country.

At the B1 & B2 levels, you will learn to express yourself in more complex situations – express your opinions, give short presentations. At the end of B2, you will begin to develop a feel for the language and communicate with increasing fluency.

C1 & C2 levels are required for academic or professional purposes. With the completion of C2, you will be able to communicate fluently and comprehend complex and specialised conversations.

Find a detailed breakdown of the CEFR levels here.

Learn German at Language Must: More Benefits

    • Save time and money by choosing Language Must
    • Learn German the way Germans speak it
    • Timings that suit you: mornings, afternoons, weekends
    • A difference you can feel: Visit us to experience the advantages of learning German in a friendly, open, and professional setting
    • Fast but solid: We teach you the language fast but without compromising on quality. Ask our students or read student feedback!
    • German Word of the Week and cultural insights daily on our Facebook and Google+ pages!

Are you ready to start your journey to learn German?

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