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Corporate & Embassy Courses

Why Learn French with Language Must?
As a company specialising in customised foreign language courses, Language Must works closely with companies and embassies across the Delhi NCR. All our teachers are native speakers and highly experienced at responding to the particular needs of international organisations. Be it day-to-day conversational French language, advanced training or language-cum-cultural training you seek, Language Must is your perfect partner!


  • All of our teachers are native speakers
  • Classes before, during and after office hours
  • Courses at your office, maximising team-building effects and minimising strain on your employees
  • Emphasis on communication and everyday language
  • Tailor-made course content to suit your organisation’s needs

Course Fees

  • One-to-One: Rs. 1,090 per hour (60 min)
  • Group of Two: Rs. 700 per person (1 h/60 min)
  • Group of Three: Rs. 600 per person (1 h/60 min)
  • Group of Four: Rs. 500 per person (1 h/60 min)
  • Group of 5-8: Rs. 1,800 per group (1 h/60 min)

    All prices are per hour and include applicable taxes of 15%. Travel Allowance where applicable is extra.

    Prices effective from 1st July 2016. Please note: Prices are subject to change (without prior notice).

Exam Preparation
Whether to fulfil visa requirements, as a team-building exercise or as part of internal further education programmes, many of our customers work towards an officially recognised language certificate. Apart from setting a clear goal, an upcoming exam motivates participants to make the most out of their course and fosters a feeling of companionship among students.

Since our language courses run along the lines of CEFR (see below), students can register for the official Diploma in French Studies (DELF) at the appropriate time of their course. We have extensive experience preparing students for all levels of these exams.

Levels of Language Learning
At the initial levels A1 & A2, students learn to communicate familiar, routine topics, such as introducing themselves, asking for directions and going shopping.

As students progress through B1 & B2, they learn to express themselves in more complex situations, e.g. stating and explaining their opinions. Developing a feel for the language, students communicate with increasing fluency and require less help during conversations.

C1 & C2 levels are required for academic or professional purposes. Students communicate fluently and without much searching for expressions and are able to understand different meanings within conversations and expressions.

Find a detailed breakdown of the CEFR levels here.

Time Required
Exactly how much time it takes to clear one level depends on a number of factors including the student’s experience with foreign languages and availabilities as well as course type chosen. In our experience, 40-60 hours for A1 and A2 levels and 60-80 hours for B1 and B2 levels is a realistic estimate.

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