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One-to-One & Customised Courses

Why Learn Hindi or Urdu with Language Must?
Do you want to cover a lot of ground in very little time? Are you learning Hindi or Urdu with a specific goal in mind, such as doing research, travelling or simply managing your day-to-day activities in India? Does your schedule demand highly flexible timings? Then a Customised Hindi/Urdu Course with Language Must is exactly the right thing for you! Our native speaker teachers have years of experience teaching Hindi/Urdu as a second language in a customised, results-driven fashion. Be it at beginners, intermediate or advanced levels, our teachers know how to respond to your personal interests and language learning needs. Customised Courses with Language Must – a fun, efficient and personalised way of learning Hindi and Urdu!


  • All our teachers are native speakers
  • Flexible timings, dates and duration
  • Short-term and intensive Hindi/Urdu courses
  • All levels: beginner to full proficiency
  • Emphasis on applicability and cultural aspects

Course Fees

  • One-to-One: Rs. 1,000 per hour (60 min)
  • Group of Two: Rs. 600 per person (1 h/60 min)
  • Group of Three: Rs. 500 per person (1 h/60 min)
  • Group of Four: Rs. 450 per person (1 h/60 min)
  • Group of 5-8: Rs. 1,800 per group (1 h/60 min)

    All prices are per hour and include applicable taxes of 15%. Travel Allowance where applicable is extra.

    Prices effective from 1st July 2016. Please note: Prices are subject to change (without notice).

Hindi and Urdu Levels
In order to evaluate our students’ progress, we classify our courses along the lines of CEFR, i.e. A1 – C2. This system is accepted by an increasing number of organisations across the Delhi NCR. The British High Commission, for example, recognises our certificates and grades their staff accordingly.

Below a brief summary of the first CEFR equivalent levels of Hindi/Urdu.

A1 Equivalent Level:

    • Know to read and write in Devanagari (Hindi) script
    • Familiarity with basic grammar (e.g. present, past and future tenses)
    • Converse about everyday activities & oneself for 5-10 minutes
    • Handling everyday situations with confidence and cultural understanding

A2 Equivalent Level:

    • Increased fluency reading and writing Devanagari
    • Consolidated basic grammar, familiarity with more advanced constructions (e.g. passive, subjunctive, compound verbs)
    • Work with short excerpts from books, newspapers and poetry
    • Learn to talk about diverse topics in the Indian context (e.g. festivals, sports, folklore)

B1 Equivalent Level and Above:

    • Comfortably work with a variety of contemporary sources: newspapers, books, poetry
    • Use Hindi in professional environments e.g. discussing current events or history
    • Extend your vocabulary to talk about diverse topics of your interest

Time Required
Exactly how much time it takes to clear one CEFR equivalent level depends on a number of factors including the student’s experience with foreign languages and availabilities as well as course type chosen. In our experience, 40-60 hours per level is a realistic estimate.

Exams and Certificates
Language Must offers optional exams, to be taken at appropriate points throughout your course. Exams last for 2-3 hours (depending on level) and assess students’ speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension skills. After successfully passing the exam, we will issue you a certificate stating your performance as well as your CEFR equivalence level.

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